We Breed Cavapoos & Mini Dachshunds

Located in Goshen, IN


Cavapoo Puppy Love

CAVAPOO PUPPY LOVE Of all the puppies to bring into the home a Cavapoo is the most vibrant and playful. Thesetoy-sized friends will greet you when you come home, ready to play or snuggle. Their highenergy and small size mixed with their love for all humans makes them a safe playmate foradults and children. The

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Mini Dachshunds

THE MINI DACHSHUND Of all the puppy breeds that have a wide range of color combinations the Mini Dachshund is oneof the most intelligent and friendly. Dachshunds can have a single-tone coat, but their uniquegene patterns can produce dual colored coats, as well as a primary colored coat with spotspowdered throughout. Blue, red, cream, black

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