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Of all the puppies to bring into the home a Cavapoo is the most vibrant and playful. These
toy-sized friends will greet you when you come home, ready to play or snuggle. Their high
energy and small size mixed with their love for all humans makes them a safe playmate for
adults and children.

The Cavapoo is a mix of Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This mix makes the
Cavapoo one of the most intelligent, obedient fur-cozy breeds across the globe. The poodle,
regarded as the second most intelligent dog in the world, is also commonly used for agility and
obedience contests in Europe and America.

Because the Cavapoo is the descendent of such great intelligence, they are some of the easiest
puppies to train. Thriving on positive reinforcement and clear intention, the Cavapoo has a keen
sense for right and wrong when established by their master. One of the primary drives of this
luxury puppy is to please their master. It is never a matter of obedience with a Cavapoo, which
makes teaching them the tricks and routines that serve your household best strictly a matter of
praise and consistency.

Usually a hypoallergenic pet brings up images of hairless animals, but the Cavapoo is a strong
exception to the rule. The cuddly and soft fur is not only a strong complement to the friendly
personality of the Cavapoo, it disarms some of the worries that one might have if allergies are a
point of caution when adopting a puppy. The Cavapoo also makes for a shed-free environment,
because they know how to keep their fur to themselves. This makes the grooming process more
streamlined and focused on the health of the puppies coat, and less about making sure you
don’t take them wherever you go just because you put on a sweater.