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4 Reasons Spring is the Best time to adopt a Puppy

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Some seasons are better than others when it comes to adopting a puppy. Now that spring has officially opened its doors to all who yearn for the adventures of warm weather we’ve put together a list of reasons why adding a puppy to all the fun has its advantages.


Whether you’re teaching a puppy to socialize with other dogs, or helping them find the ideal spot outside for potty training, the spring time means less restrictions and more motivation. Puppies thrive in the long term when they’ve had all their training done early on in their life, and the colder seasons make it a little bit harder to be spontaneous about outdoor training. Spring time means getting your new friend out and about at any point in the day. And, of course, this is the season for more road trips, which is different from house training. Training your new friend to take their business outside of the car is going to be a lifelong habit you want them to follow as soon as possible.


 A puppy like the Mini Bernedoodle or Mini Goldendoodle like some exercise, and the warmer weather of spring makes outdoor adventuring much more unrestricted. Whether you’re taking more trips to your favorite national park or setting up more outdoor lunch dates, you’ll have plenty of chances to get your puppy the exercise they need. Dog parks are full of fellow puppy parents who want to give their dogs a chance to connect, and taking home a young puppy at this time gives them the activity and socialization they need early on. Breeds like the Cavapoo, Mini Bernedoodle and Mini Goldendoodle love play time, and because you’re more likely to go for a run or take your time through a farmers market, your puppy will get to show off their personality and flair. Playing with them and their favorite toys while outdoors is going to reinforce the puppies sense of safety, security and love. Every breed needs the chance to exercise their intelligence and athleticism early on, so being outside with children or for a time of one on one play will solidify a happy and playful personality right away.


 Now that the sun is waking us up with a stronger force, it’s easier to get up and start the day. This makes going for a walk in the morning all the more energized. Going for walks is one of the most reliable ways to bond with a new puppy. Healthy rhythms of exercise and meeting neighbors gives a puppy the chance to exhaust some of that intense energy early in the day so that you can be productive throughout the day without worrying about an anxious puppy at home.


 Many people bring a puppy into their family for the emotional levity and support that they give so easily. Winter can often bring a kind of seasonal melancholy that spring slowly starts to lift away. Adopting any breed of Mini Doodle during this time can speed up the process of defrosting winter’s gloomy effect. Take the Mini Goldendoodle as an example; known for their high ranking in the world of service animals, they can bring you into the mood of play and lightheartedness even when it’s difficult to find your own motivation. A puppy is like the catapult you might need into one of the most favorable seasons of the year for setting new goals and rituals that will set you up for a year of great mental and physical health.

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