Of all the puppy breeds that have a wide range of color combinations the Mini Dachshund is one
of the most intelligent and friendly. Dachshunds can have a single-tone coat, but their unique
gene patterns can produce dual colored coats, as well as a primary colored coat with spots
powdered throughout. Blue, red, cream, black and brown; the full spectrum of cuteness is a
staple in this German breed of puppy. The hair style also comes with its options of wired, long
and smooth.

Aside from their color tones, the Mini Dachshund’s look is punctuated by short legs and a long
body. Known as the ‘badger dog’, the Dachshund has a history of catching badgers before they
can escape to the depths of their den. This athleticism and focus makes these puppies astute
learners and great for running around with. They might not be long-distance runners, but their
short range energy is supported by strength and a broad-chested frame worthy of all kinds of
playful shenanigans.

The personality of the Mini Dachshund is bold and adventurous. These dogs are front-facing
when getting in on the action. While this makes for an independent and strong-minded
companion it also means that training is best achieved early on in the puppy stage. This breed
responds well to an owner that can keep their attention with clear and consistent direction.
This American Kennel Approved(AKC) breed is a loyal companion that usually looks to bond
well to a group. This preference for a close bond between those they know best can be
expanded in early development, but for those who are looking to have the exclusive affection
mostly reserved for themselves the Dachshund is a perfect partner.