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Bernedoodle Edison and I enjoy sitting on the front stoop watching cars drive by. With all the talk about electric vehicles, I’ll bet you forgot that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford collaborated on their own version of the EV. Bernedoodle Edison and I were researching the subject and discovered that Mr. Edison created three electric vehicles in 1912 but had to set the project aside due to health issues. If your looking for a weekend getaway, then a trip out to the Farm is an attractive choice. Enjoy the brisk weather and fall colors with Edison. Call Mac for directions today, or we can arrange a FaceTime. Mini Bernedoodle Edison will begin preparatory leash, crate, and potty training at six weeks. A 3-year genetic health guarantee comes with each puppy. Although nationwide delivery is available and commonly used, we always encourage you to come and visit the Farm (by appointment only). The temperament of our puppies makes them excellent support or therapy companions. This puppy is being cared for by a Purdue University Canine Care Certified family.

breed: Bernedoodle (F1)
color: Tri Colors
sex:  Male
birthdate: 8/20/22
date available: 10/27/22
est adult weight: ~50 lbs

current weight: 47 lbs 0 oz as of 2/28/23

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Meet The Parents

Mother:  68 lb / 24 inch Bernese Mountain Dog named Kelly.


Father: 18 lb / 14 inches ACA  & APRI Registered Poodle named Chuck.




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