The Mini Bernedoodle is another popular miniature hybrid dog that blends the mini Poodle with
the Bernese Mountain Dog of Switzerland. A stylish advantage to this designer puppy is the
longer hair. A gift from the Bernese, the Bernedoodle has a coat that grows longer than other
Poodle hybrids and can be straight, wavy or curly, coffee-colored, red, black or white. And
despite the length, the coat of the Bernedoodle is still in line with the soft and sleek
hypoallergenic quality of its cousin doodles. This slight nuance in the pool of Poodle mixes is
just one way that this puppy makes for a unique companion that stands out in the cast of
popular designer puppies.

The Bernese is no exception to the line of Poodle hybrids when it comes to playfulness and
friendliness. This breed is yet another high-energy puppy, and gets along great with owners that
have the time to play and and take good care of all that really long hair. Regular grooming and
walks is this puppies love language. Because of their happy and excitable nature, they love
attention and have the intelligence that makes playing with a puppy fun and engaging.
The size of the Mini Bernedoodle continues to stand out in the culture of desirable puppy
breeds. The size of the Mini is more than just trendy, it makes for a compact travel companion,
and can easily thrive in smaller living situations. In any case, whether you live in an apartment
or a large estate, the Mini Bernedoodle won’t take up too much space.

Whether you want your puppy to learn all kinds of cool tricks or just follow simple household
rules, the Mini Bernedoodle is naturally ready to please. The Bernese Mountain dog was
originally bred to help with herding cattle and pulling carts. This heritage of work ethic mixed
with the regal discipline of the Poodle makes for a compliant and attentive breed.